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Mar 1, 2011 5:30pm PST
>> from all of us here, look at these cloudy shots from mount tam live. >>> tonight on "world news," women making money. an historic new look at the truth about american women and their paychecks. and how to make the future better. >>> exposing the truth. our christiane amanpour shows gadhafi forces covering up the reality on the streets. >>> floods and fires. rising water threatens the entire midwest, while florida is burning. >>> made in america. are you sure your home is filled with american goods? we show one family the truth and what a shock tonight. >>> and, surprising life. the unexpected story of america's pioneer pinup girl, jane russell, who died yesterday. >>> good evening. the last time it happened in america, it was 1963, and john kennedy was in the white house. we got answers to some direct questions about women in the united states. what are their paychecks, their opportunities and their obstacles? well, now, tonight, almost 50 years later, those questions have finally been asked and answered once again. a huge new report on american women, where gains have been made
Mar 2, 2011 9:00am EST
consider asking for outside help but would the u.s. answer the call? as american warships head to the region just what is the u.s. military willing to offer? >>> oil futures rise above $100 a barrel a day after the dow slumped 1.5%. we'll check where the market is headed before the opening bell today. >>> and flip-flop already? or just a communications mix-up. we'll get to the bottom of newt announcing for president thursday debacle. chuck has the back story. good morning. wednesday, march 2nd, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. amazing what making sure you have two sources do and can keep you out of trouble. we'll get more into that. all of that plus does michael huckabee think president obama grew up in kenya and will the beloved "the daily rundown" moth pad get a tablet today. let's get to the rundown. moammar gadhafi is vowing to fight to the last man as he ramps up efforts to hold onto his country in the face of a growing rebellion. pierce battles in the east and west. the libyan air force is bombing rebel territory sending forces to an oil base in the eastern
Mar 2, 2011 12:00pm EST
the government for two more weeks which takes us to march 18th, and then we are right back where we started with the contentious battles between republicans and democrats. one thing that we did learn today, harry reid, the senate majority leader, just had a news conference after that vote and he announced that vice president joe biden is going to inject himself into the process, and he will be conducting meetings with republicans and democrats to try to find the middle ground on the negotiations. right now they are about $60 billion apart on the ideal. and it is a fundamental battle in congress and nose in the republican ranks and especially those from the far right want a lot of cuts and what democrats call extreme cuts. on the left, harry reid has to deal with the liberals who say don't cut too much. the democrats feel that some of the cuts will hurt job growth and job creation. so that is what joe biden has in store for him. now, let's not forget it was joe biden who last year behind the scenes was working with republicans and democrats to find a way to get an agreement on a tax cut prop
Mar 1, 2011 11:00pm PST
seat. a company memo revealed they discouraged the use of automatic shutoff valves. that in spite of federal recommendations to do so. one official testified if the valves were in place, gas flow could have been cut within 20 minutes instead of the 90 minutes it took. lives could have been saved and damage reduced. >> no testimony or public apologies can make up for the horror that sun bruno survivors endured, losing their homes and memories and peace of mind and so many friends. >> every day they try to move forward but remain haunted by the past. garvin thomas has a story of the family caught in the middle in more ways than one. >> reporter: the debris has been carted away, the lots have been leveled. there's even a little life to be seen up here. still, there is no better way to describe what you see along claremont drive as a scar. >> how can you not cringe when you look at this? >> reporter: no one with a better or perhaps worst view of it it all that bill. >> you really see more than just a vacant lot. you see the lives that have been affected by this. you look at it and see
Mar 1, 2011 11:35pm EST
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Mar 2, 2011 3:00pm EST
this unwanted, unneeded real estate. and if this actually happens, an administration official tells us that the sale of these kind of properties could possibly bring in $5 billion over three years. don? >> shannon travis, we appreciate that. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. the "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >>> don, thank you. i know you've been busy the last two hours. i think we'll be as well. following several developing stories for you, including this. take a look at this. gadhafi bombing libya again. why do we know that? because our cnn crew was there, saw it happen. so who is gaining ground, gadhafi or the opposition? we'll go live in minutes. >>> also, ohio state senators are expected to vote anytime now on this bill. this is senate bill 5 that would curb the rights of public employees -- and i'm talking about everything from their pay rise razes to vacation time -- will be affected. now, keep in mind the senate in ohio does have a republican majority. the governor, republican as well, governor john kasich, he's expected to sign the bill. >>> plus, tak
Mar 2, 2011 4:30am EST
. >> reporter: ashley's mom began to fight for a lasting memorial. they're not required to use lights and sirens while running a light or stop sign. >> my goal was to help other families so they didn't have to go through what our family had to endure as a result of a preventable accident. >> reporter: the virginia legislature has just passed ashley's law. at red lights -- >> police are now required to use and activate their lights and sirens. yield to other cars. if they decide not to use their sirens, such as in a hostage situation, they must come to a complete stop. >> reporter: no more of this -- >> as a mother, and -- i wanted to do what i could to honor my daughter's life and help others. i feel ashley would be very proud that we persevered to the end. and that we accomplished in honor of her memory and her life helping and saving other people. >> reporter: ashley's law -- a mother's love, ashley's legacy. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting there. now the officer was acquitted on criminal charges. is no longer though with the fairfax county police department. the chief has increased train
Mar 2, 2011 6:00am EST
, they use pat downs and body scans...but some lawmakers say they've overssepped their boundaries. boundaries."call it what it's sexual assault.." assault.."they want t-s-a workers punished as sex offenders... and put on the sex offender wasn't a large crowd in support of the bill too criminalize patdowns and body scans in new hampshire... but the support was man says the heightened seccrity procedures cost him a trip home for the holidays ii december. "this time the news is talking about enhanced patdowns .. i cried on the phone with my mother that i did not wish to submit to enhanced patdowns." some who support the bill say the t-s-a needs to do away with random passenger screenings.... and only search passengers who look or act suspicious.critics argue that's only going to lead to more cases of profiling. as for the t-s-a... officials won't comment on the penddng legiilation, only o say that security check points are b-w-i, megan gilliland, fox45 - morning news. we want to know what you think. should t-s-a patdowns be considered a sex offense?it's our qu
Mar 1, 2011 10:00pm EST
dont want gas prices to go up either so" ((trucker))"theyre onll gonna let us do 2 rounds"(nat pop trucks rolling by) (lady driver) "hey... democracy in action its ok!" right now the state gas tax would jump from 24 to 34 cents. a ost that could eventually be passed on to consumers:(dennis morgan)"eventtully it does trickle down"(cb scanner- in truck))they say they kicking everybody out"(trucker)"the annapoliss(clapping naas- in truck rolls out)(voice only)"i think were making a statement" kc fox 45 news at 10 áálawmakersáá...// used... to.../ raid...// the... transportation.... trust fund.../ to... offset.../ deficits. we.../ asked...// approve.../// . - a..// 10--cent...// gas.../ tax.../ hike? áá99%áá...// said...// no...// no...// darleen.../ p says...// "lawmakers.../ are.../ nuts..../ "cut... all the.../ projects." ááericáá...// says...// "what... happeeed .../ to... no.../ new taxes ? go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off .
Mar 2, 2011 4:00am EST
joins us with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. if, in fact, that is the case, she indicated that the u.s. may consider prosecuting gadhafi for ordering that bombing. several ex officials of gadhafi's government that have fled since this latest violence occurred have said that he personally ordered that bombing that killed 270 people. victims are now urging the obama administration to reopen the criminal investigation. >>> also, another new development, the united nations has suspended libya from its human rights -- on the u.n. human rights council. that is the the first time a nation has ever been suspended from that council. they cited what they call gross and systemic human rights violations by libya in this latest violence. now, they are not permanently kicked off the council. this would occur until the u.n. decides to fully restore libya's status. finally, our ambassador to the u.n., susan wright, pushing for removal now saying, quote, gadhafi must go, he must go now. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. >>> the senate is expected to approve a temporary funding bill
Mar 2, 2011 12:00am EST
distribution in 30 different countries. >> reporter: that's much bigger than it used to be. >> definitely much bigger than i thought it would be. >> reporter: from 15employees, today they have 70 in the factory alone. it's grown. not a bad buildup. >> tonight, charlie sheen -- >> it's a pleasure. >> the fallout from our blockbuster interview. >> i'm a winner, and their lives look like they're, you know, ruled by losers. just to to see put in black and white terms. i don't want their lives and they want mine. they want to criticize the hell out of it. they've said he's not loaded, he's manic. i guess that would imply that there's going to be a crash. i don't know when that's something, maybe you can cover it when it does. >>> plus, the king of hollywood, harvey weinstein, on his stunning oscar triumph and what he think of charlie sheen. >>> also, inside the mind of a dictator. an interview with muammar gadhafi. is he really losing his grip on realty? >>> and the man behind the biggest upset in american politics. >> there's no sure thing in politics. i'm certainly proof of th
Mar 2, 2011 3:00am EST
movie. to us it was the timelessness of the movie. a lot of people said this movie or that movie is more -- younger, hipper, cooler, socially relevant. you have to say the timelessness, a classic movie, you know, conquers all. that was what we wanted to get across. and just getting people to watch it. >> how big a part was it to use the stars of the film? they came on this show and they were -- great advertise. for the film. how important is it to get your front people out there selling that movie? >> it's -- important to get it -- a movie connected to an audience, and it's important in an oscar campaign. the thing you have to remember on movies like "the king's speech" or "black swan" or "social network," these are not the movies audiences are rushing to see like they want to see "batman" or "ironman." those are the kids driving the box office in great movies. these are adult movies. adults have a lot to do. they're watching the crisis, they're watching the news, they're watching their kids. to get an adult audience motivated, you've got to use all the firepower and create all the excit
Mar 2, 2011 5:30am EST
.their job is to keep the air safe, they use pat downs and body scans...but some lawmakers say they've ovvrstepped their boundaries. it wasn't a large crowd in support of the billlto criminalize paadowns and body the support was passionate. from passengers, crying n fear of the new measures... to lawmakkrs who say it's just not right. ""et's put their name on the sex offenner registry and maybe that will tell them look new hampshire means business." "that is a crime in this state, and we should charge some who support the bill say the t-s-a needs to do away pith random passenger screenings.... and only search passengers who lookkor act suspicious.critics argue that's only oing to lead to more cases of profiling. as for the t-s-a... officials won't omment on the pending legislation, only to say that security check points are federal from b-w-i, megan gilliland, fox45 &pmorning news. reward for findiig the person who aimed a laser at a jet last month. happened back on february 20tt.the laser was beamed at a southwest airllnes flight landing at b-w-i the
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)